Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets

bespoke kitchen cabinets

Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets

There are several benefits of getting handmade bespoke designs for your kitchen interior. It gives you multiple creative options for customisation while also making the kitchen look aesthetically flawless. Additionally, it provides endless opportunities for designing a one-off space suited to the requirements of you and your family.

The qualified professionals at Anthony Paulo build bespoke kitchens exclusively handmade to meet the clients’ personal taste and lifestyle. They only use high standard materials during kitchen designing and installation, making it appear stylish and functional.

Here are a few tips that we suggest you follow to select the suitable cabinets for the kitchen.

bespoke kitchen cabinets

1. Choosing the Outer Design

Since the outer part of the cabinet is the first thing that attracts your eyes, you must decide on its perfect design and colour. Narrow down your options to make a choice that ideally fits the kitchen interiors. Modern designer cabinet doors are available in a range of different materials, styles and thickness to suit the customer needs.

2. Choosing the Material  

Another vital aspect is choosing the material of the kitchen cabinets. While wooden cabinets rule the market, you can choose other various designs that are popular among the homeowners.

3. Cabinet organisation

While choosing cabinets according to the kitchen layout, you must focus on their structural organisation to ideally fulfil your storage needs. Be it sleek contemporary, solid wood, glass or laminates, ensure that you get maximum space utilisation and the cabinet placement does not look awkward.

Benefits of Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets


  1. The Design and Aesthetics  

At Anthony Paulo, we ensure that every kitchen cabinet makes for an innovative state statement. We enable you to find the perfect balance between lightings, worktops, colour and design of the cabinets that smoothly complement each other. We make sure that the contrast is visually appealing. 

     2. Functionality  

The homeowners should make the right selection of bespoke kitchen cabinets according to their purpose and functionality. The cabinet interiors are equally important as the exterior. Ensure that you get maximum space accommodation along with flexibility in usage.   

    3. Future Needs  

With the finest craftsmanship, the professionals build unique cabinet designs that are tailor-made according to every project. As the client, see to it that your present and future needs are fulfilled significantly.  

Types of Bespoke Kitchen Cabinet Designs


    1. Shaker Cabinets    

This is a timeless and versatile choice, which creates a dramatic kitchen outlook. The cabinets have solid timber doors with a veneered central panel and tight frames.   

    2. Slab Cabinets  

The slab doors form a smooth canvas which is also open to customisations. Perfect for budget kitchens, they demand minimal maintenance and cleaning. They are super sleek and functional.

    3. Free Standing cabinets   

Giving a relaxed approach to the kitchen space, they are different from the modern fitted units. They are fit for contemporary kitchens, highlighting themselves as standalone cabinetry.  

    4. High gloss cabinets   

The manufacturers design them with a shiny finish, suitable for contemporary and modern bespoke kitchen interiors. With new techniques of engineering, you can customise it as per your preference too.   

At Anthony Paulo, we envisage endless possibilities while designing bespoke kitchen interiors for commercial and residential projects. From design to the installation of cabinets, we provide exquisite functional solutions that cater to every project specification.