Top 4 Colour Ideas For Your Bespoke Kitchen In Surrey

Bespoke Kitchen designs

Top 4 Colour Ideas For Your Bespoke Kitchen In Surrey

If you want to build a kitchen which can become a reflection of your personality, get in touch with reputable installers of bespoke kitchens. Not only will they choose the right design for the cabinets but also a beautiful colour which matches your home décor. The colour of your kitchen can impact your mood as it is one of the most used rooms in every house. There has been a recent increase in the demand for coloured kitchens as they are very stylish.

Enhance The Appeal Of Your Bespoke Kitchen With These Beautiful Colours

Bespoke Kitchen designs
  • Teal

It is a bold shade with a touch of intensity. It offers the perfect blend of green and blue and has attributes of both the shade. The colour will help you unwind after a hectic day. You will feel more balanced and tranquil. It is ideal for large kitchens. You can complete the look with brass accessories and marble. Teal is widely preferred by those creating a contemporary style kitchen.

  • Grey

Looking for a neutral colour for your kitchen? Try grey and the appeal of the space will remain intact for years. Though the primary objective of the shade is to create a balance in the room, it is an emotional colour with the perfect blend of black and white. It is generally preferred by people who are dependable and practical. You can create a calming scheme by combining pink with grey.


  • Violet

The noble colour is generally preferred by those who want to project the impression of extravagance and wealth. It is a powerful colour with royal connections. It has the energy of red and the calmness of blue which makes it both mysterious and creative. Complement it with fresh white and the colour will take the central stage.


  • Navy

The best colour to anchor your kitchen is navy. It is safe, serene and classic. Though it has great potential, it is considered to be one of the underused colours. Choose navy for your bespoke kitchen in Surrey and the space will get a more rustic and earthy look.

Time to choose one of the colours stated above and you can enhance the appeal of your bespoke kitchen.

3 Things Kitchen Designers Consider When Designing A New Kitchen

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Take a look around your kitchen and if you feel that it needs a facelift, start looking for experienced kitchen designers. Though you can try a DIY to enhance the appeal and functionality of your kitchen, they might turn out to be a disaster. Homeowners don’t have the knowledge, tools or experience required to design a perfect kitchen. Kitchen designers will understand the requirements of your kitchen and guide you through every step of the designing process. Where you are placing the storage, sinks, cook tops and fridges will impact the appeal of your entire kitchen.

Few Vital Points To Consider When Designing A Kitchen

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  • Layout

Planning your kitchen layout is not as easy as you think. You have to consider numerous things. Even a minor mistake when planning the layout can make it hard for you to get the kitchen items when you need them. Understand the traffic pattern and design the layout accordingly. Expert kitchen designers consider the number and age of people who generally use the kitchen before planning the layout. They include wide walkways in the design so that the kitchen doesn’t look cramped.

  • Budget

Determine your budget before you start working on the kitchen renovation project. Even if you want the most beautiful kitchen, exceeding your budget won’t be a wise thing to do. The easiest way you can get your dream kitchen without exceeding your budget is by hiring reputed kitchen designers in East Sussex. They are aware of a few tips and tricks to make a budget kitchen look luxurious. Fixing a budget before hiring these professionals will also make it easier for you to shortlist a few from so many.

  • Islands

Designing the islands of your kitchen is as important as choosing the cabinet design. The sky is the limit when designing the island. Instead of treating it as another surface area, consider its functionality. It is a gathering spot where family members come together to prepare meals and socialise in general. It should have sufficient room so that people can move around with ease. If you can’t include an island when planning the layout of your small kitchen, create it as a separate piece. You can choose a different style and finish for the island.

Since you are aware of all the vital points to consider when designing a kitchen, it’s time you start looking for experienced kitchen designers.