Kitchen designers in East Sussex

Ruling Trends in Kitchen Renovations for Homeowners

Kitchen renovations continue to be the favourite projects of homeowners across the UK. Be it a change in the tiling, refurbishing the furniture and equipment, or transforming the design, people love to experiment with how their kitchen looks.  

Kitchen designers in East Sussex say that most homeowners decide to renovate their kitchen because of an old layout. Here are some of the contemporary trends that can take your old, bland kitchen area to something on trend. 

Trendsetters in kitchen renovation

Kitchen designers in East Sussex
  1. Open kitchens that blend in

Most people do not like to waste kitchen space, especially in smaller houses. Open kitchens are already a trendy idea. They are now being integrated with furniture-like elements and treated with the same colour code as the rest of the living and dining space. Additional cabinets work as an excellent stash-away for kitchenware and equipment when not in use. This way, the kitchen looks an extended part of the living space.

  1. Multipurpose kitchen islands

Once treated as an afterthought, islands are now a focal point of kitchen designs. But now they are aiming to be more than just a worktop for you. This year they are coming in bigger and better with storage solutions and under-counter appliances. The counter tops are more extensive than usual as well. Throw in a few high chairs on the other side, and you have a lovely makeshift bar and food counter as well.

  1. A pop of colour

The days of grey, brown, and white kitchens are gone. Colourful kitchens are very much in style nowadays. Blue, yellow, green, red, purple – all shades in the palette are now being selected for kitchen colours. Some like them in the dark, earthy tones, while others prefer nudes and pastels. All you need is an eye for the right contrasting hues to give your kitchen a great look.

  1. Sustainable materials

Sustainability is everywhere and yet nowhere enough. A large percentage of homeowners in the UK are stepping up to make the change themselves and invest in more sustainable living. Green kitchens are a part of it. Having natural stone flooring and countertops, such as marble and granite, are fashionable even though they are expensive. Energy-efficient appliances, wooden or bamboo utensils, and LED lights are some of the most popular steps towards an eco-friendly kitchen.

Quite a lot of other trends are also keeping kitchen designers in East Sussex busy. If you are considering a kitchen renovation yourself, Anthony Paulo Interiors is one of the leading names in the market.

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