What Is A Bespoke Kitchen – Know Before Building One

Bespoke Kitchen Designs

What Is A Bespoke Kitchen – Know Before Building One

The kitchen is one of the most vital parts of a house. Renovating the kitchen needs complete attention and in-depth knowledge. Even a slight mistake can create obstacles in enjoying your daily cooking schedules. 

The idea of a bespoke kitchen Surrey is not new, it is getting more and more popular. But what is a custom kitchen? Why do you need one in your house?

Bespoke Kitchen Designs
  • Bespoke Kitchens Defined 

As the very name suggests, a bespoke kitchen is a tailored unit where everything is designed and installed as per your specific requirements and budget. From the tiles to the splash and from the taps to the oven – every single aspect of the kitchen will suit your cooking habits, kitchen needs, lifestyle and budget.

There are bespoke kitchen cabinets that are designed and installed according to the needs of the users, keeping factors like height, age, physical conditions, types of objects and space in mind. 

  • The Most Interesting Features

A bespoke kitchen not only fulfils the requirements of the homeowners. The bespoke kitchen manufacturers make practical designs which look stunning but provide enough space and freedom to the users to stand, walk and work in the kitchen without obstacles. In this case, style never overshadows the need for creating functional designs.

A home with a bespoke kitchen is considered a high-value property. You can easily upgrade the value of your house with a bespoke kitchen installation. Potential buyers and property investors love to invest in such properties.

The kitchen will match the interior of the rest of the house and will reflect your rich taste of aesthetics as well. The colour of the cabinets or the material of the kitchen island will make the room look stunning when you choose the right bespoke kitchen interior designer.

  • Why It is Good for You

In this current time, when space is a big issue for the homeowners, hiring a bespoke kitchen interior designer to have something customised is the best option. These experts will design the layout and build the kitchen as per the specifications of the clients and the available space. A compact design will give the kitchen a unique form.

Anthony Paulo is well-known for designing bespoke kitchens and bathrooms. We design and deliver designs that suit your needs and your budget to the best possible manner.

If you are interested in knowing the details, kindly get in touch with us.

Top 4 Colour Ideas For Your Bespoke Kitchen In Surrey

Bespoke Kitchen designs

Top 4 Colour Ideas For Your Bespoke Kitchen In Surrey

If you want to build a kitchen which can become a reflection of your personality, get in touch with reputable installers of bespoke kitchens. Not only will they choose the right design for the cabinets but also a beautiful colour which matches your home décor. The colour of your kitchen can impact your mood as it is one of the most used rooms in every house. There has been a recent increase in the demand for coloured kitchens as they are very stylish.

Enhance The Appeal Of Your Bespoke Kitchen With These Beautiful Colours

Bespoke Kitchen designs
  • Teal

It is a bold shade with a touch of intensity. It offers the perfect blend of green and blue and has attributes of both the shade. The colour will help you unwind after a hectic day. You will feel more balanced and tranquil. It is ideal for large kitchens. You can complete the look with brass accessories and marble. Teal is widely preferred by those creating a contemporary style kitchen.

  • Grey

Looking for a neutral colour for your kitchen? Try grey and the appeal of the space will remain intact for years. Though the primary objective of the shade is to create a balance in the room, it is an emotional colour with the perfect blend of black and white. It is generally preferred by people who are dependable and practical. You can create a calming scheme by combining pink with grey.


  • Violet

The noble colour is generally preferred by those who want to project the impression of extravagance and wealth. It is a powerful colour with royal connections. It has the energy of red and the calmness of blue which makes it both mysterious and creative. Complement it with fresh white and the colour will take the central stage.


  • Navy

The best colour to anchor your kitchen is navy. It is safe, serene and classic. Though it has great potential, it is considered to be one of the underused colours. Choose navy for your bespoke kitchen in Surrey and the space will get a more rustic and earthy look.

Time to choose one of the colours stated above and you can enhance the appeal of your bespoke kitchen.

3 Cabinet Features You Can Include In Your Bespoke Kitchen Design

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3 Cabinet Features You Can Include In Your Bespoke Kitchen Design

One of the primary things home buyers consider before finalising a deal is the kitchen. No wonder, undertaking a kitchen redesigning project before putting your property on the market is always a wise decision. Get in touch with reputable manufacturers of bespoke kitchens and enhance the value of your property.

Experienced kitchen installers are aware of all the vital features of bespoke kitchen designs. A custom kitchen has become quite popular, as you can enjoy flexibility as far as its style and design is concerned. Cabinets are modern storage solutions which you can easily fit into your modern lifestyle.

Few Features Of Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets

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  • Pull-Out Trash Area

Though you need a plastic bin in every kitchen for daily waste rubbish, it is your responsibility to conceal it. Bespoke kitchen designers prefer including a pull-out trash unit. Put it in the cabinetry and you can keep the bin hidden until you need it. Pull it out when you want to throw any waste item and slide it back into the cabinetry. The primary benefit of including a two-bin unit is that you can use one for recycling. They need around 20 inches of space.


  • Vertical Dividers

Vertical dividers have almost become an integral part of every bespoke kitchen design. They are ideal for storing large and flat objects like oven trays, cutting boards, baking pans, cooling racks and large lids. Since a majority of these units are adjustable, you can configure them the way you want. You don’t have to worry about items falling over if you use vertical dividers. You can transfer the items into stackable containers instead of keeping them in bags.

  • Sliding Drawers

Ask your bespoke kitchen manufacturer to include sliding drawers in the kitchen design and you can use it as the perfect storage device. They are quite ergonomic and the perfect solution to keep various items in your kitchen. Your kitchen installer might even advise you to include one with revealing shelves. The clean lines of sliding drawers can match any kitchen design so try to use drawer cabinets instead of door cabinets.

It’s time you get in touch with experienced manufacturers of bespoke kitchens and include the cabinet features stated above in the kitchen design.

3 Things Kitchen Designers Consider When Designing A New Kitchen

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Take a look around your kitchen and if you feel that it needs a facelift, start looking for experienced kitchen designers. Though you can try a DIY to enhance the appeal and functionality of your kitchen, they might turn out to be a disaster. Homeowners don’t have the knowledge, tools or experience required to design a perfect kitchen. Kitchen designers will understand the requirements of your kitchen and guide you through every step of the designing process. Where you are placing the storage, sinks, cook tops and fridges will impact the appeal of your entire kitchen.

Few Vital Points To Consider When Designing A Kitchen

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  • Layout

Planning your kitchen layout is not as easy as you think. You have to consider numerous things. Even a minor mistake when planning the layout can make it hard for you to get the kitchen items when you need them. Understand the traffic pattern and design the layout accordingly. Expert kitchen designers consider the number and age of people who generally use the kitchen before planning the layout. They include wide walkways in the design so that the kitchen doesn’t look cramped.

  • Budget

Determine your budget before you start working on the kitchen renovation project. Even if you want the most beautiful kitchen, exceeding your budget won’t be a wise thing to do. The easiest way you can get your dream kitchen without exceeding your budget is by hiring reputed kitchen designers in East Sussex. They are aware of a few tips and tricks to make a budget kitchen look luxurious. Fixing a budget before hiring these professionals will also make it easier for you to shortlist a few from so many.

  • Islands

Designing the islands of your kitchen is as important as choosing the cabinet design. The sky is the limit when designing the island. Instead of treating it as another surface area, consider its functionality. It is a gathering spot where family members come together to prepare meals and socialise in general. It should have sufficient room so that people can move around with ease. If you can’t include an island when planning the layout of your small kitchen, create it as a separate piece. You can choose a different style and finish for the island.

Since you are aware of all the vital points to consider when designing a kitchen, it’s time you start looking for experienced kitchen designers.

Ruling Trends in Kitchen Renovations for Homeowners

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Ruling Trends in Kitchen Renovations for Homeowners

Kitchen renovations continue to be the favourite projects of homeowners across the UK. Be it a change in the tiling, refurbishing the furniture and equipment, or transforming the design, people love to experiment with how their kitchen looks.  

Kitchen designers in East Sussex say that most homeowners decide to renovate their kitchen because of an old layout. Here are some of the contemporary trends that can take your old, bland kitchen area to something on trend. 

Trendsetters in kitchen renovation

Kitchen designers in East Sussex
  1. Open kitchens that blend in

Most people do not like to waste kitchen space, especially in smaller houses. Open kitchens are already a trendy idea. They are now being integrated with furniture-like elements and treated with the same colour code as the rest of the living and dining space. Additional cabinets work as an excellent stash-away for kitchenware and equipment when not in use. This way, the kitchen looks an extended part of the living space.

  1. Multipurpose kitchen islands

Once treated as an afterthought, islands are now a focal point of kitchen designs. But now they are aiming to be more than just a worktop for you. This year they are coming in bigger and better with storage solutions and under-counter appliances. The counter tops are more extensive than usual as well. Throw in a few high chairs on the other side, and you have a lovely makeshift bar and food counter as well.

  1. A pop of colour

The days of grey, brown, and white kitchens are gone. Colourful kitchens are very much in style nowadays. Blue, yellow, green, red, purple – all shades in the palette are now being selected for kitchen colours. Some like them in the dark, earthy tones, while others prefer nudes and pastels. All you need is an eye for the right contrasting hues to give your kitchen a great look.

  1. Sustainable materials

Sustainability is everywhere and yet nowhere enough. A large percentage of homeowners in the UK are stepping up to make the change themselves and invest in more sustainable living. Green kitchens are a part of it. Having natural stone flooring and countertops, such as marble and granite, are fashionable even though they are expensive. Energy-efficient appliances, wooden or bamboo utensils, and LED lights are some of the most popular steps towards an eco-friendly kitchen.

Quite a lot of other trends are also keeping kitchen designers in East Sussex busy. If you are considering a kitchen renovation yourself, Anthony Paulo Interiors is one of the leading names in the market.

Checkout The Latest Benefits Offered By Bespoke Kitchens In Kent

bespoke kitchens kent

Checkout The Latest Benefits Offered By Bespoke Kitchens In Kent

One of the primary benefits of living in Kent is that you can choose from many kitchen installers scattered all over the county. A majority of them have years of industry presence and let their customers choose from a wide variety of designs. You just have to understand your needs and installing the best kitchen in your house will become easier. If you want your kitchen to become a reflection of your personality and preferences, ask your installer to customise one. Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for bespoke kitchens as they offer numerous benefits.

Planning A Bespoke Kitchen Installation In Kent? 3 Benefits Have Been Stated Below

bespoke kitchens kent
  • Flexible

The flexibility offered by a bespoke kitchen is considered to be one of the primary reasons why its demand has enhanced drastically in the last few years. Since the installer considers your individual needs when designing your kitchen, they are specifically built to fit the available space. The designs are flexible so you can make changes whenever you want. You can also achieve a higher finish and style and optimise the storage space.

  • Lifestyle

As your lifestyle changes, the layout of your existing kitchen might also stop working. Such situations can arise if the kitchen has been designed according to the needs of the previous owner or your family has grown in size. A change in your style is something you cannot predict or stop. The easiest way you can make your kitchen match your lifestyle is by remodelling it with a bespoke design. If you enjoy cocktail nights with your friends often, include a drink cabinet in the kitchen.

  • Top Quality

Since the focus of every experienced installer of bespoke kitchens in Kent is on maintaining the reputation earned by them over the years, they always use top-quality materials. The components are of better quality than their modular alternatives so you can expect them to last for years. The premium materials fit your home and are built to last. Choose a reputed kitchen installer and you can rest assured that your home will be completed to the highest standard.

Since you are now aware of all the benefits offered by a bespoke kitchen, it’s time you start looking for a reputed installer in Kent. Handmade bespoke kitchens can suit properties of any style and create a unique aesthetic which suits your home.

Know the Luxury Features of a Well-Made Bespoke Kitchen

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Know the Luxury Features of a Well-Made Bespoke Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where you make meals for your loved ones and can spend great family time. So, the design of this area of your house should match your particular needs, cooking style, and family requirements. The idea of having a bespoke kitchen in Kent comes with this.

Fitted kitchens come in different designs, shapes and sizes – to match the specific requirements of the users. It not only complements the rest of the design of your home but also designed to meet the lifestyle of your family.

These kitchens have distinct features that make them a popular choice of modern interior designing in the UK.

Top Features of Bespoke Kitchens

bespoke kitchen Kent
  • Stunning Island

These kitchens offer you a stunning bespoke island that will match your particular kitchen work needs perfectly. You can use it as an extra space for food preparation or make it your cooking point with a stunning hob. The design of the island will be set as per your style and need for cooking.

  • Bespoke Storage

Different people like to use their kitchen storage spaces in different manners. Some people love to have their cooking spoons and knives hanging right over their hob or kitchen island; while some prefer to have a separate drawer for them. The bespoke kitchen provides the individual users with bespoke kitchen storage to match their cooking style.

  • Smart Pantries

With bespoke kitchen design, your cooking area will have smart pantries as well. They are individually designed for individual clients. You can store a lot of smaller items right there and use that space for your baking purposes as well. This small but smartly designed place will help you to hide away your coffee machine or toaster or kettle to keep the surface clear and well-organised.

  • Social Sitting and Dining

Most families have less time in hand to sit and have proper meals in a day. They need a space where they can cook, sit, talk and eat all together. The bespoke kitchen design offers this with nice and cosy areas specially designed for social sitting and dining.

  • Personalised Kitchen Handles

From the shelves to the kitchen handles; you can have everything tailor-made keeping your lifestyle and habits in mind when you go for bespoke kitchen design in your home. An expert company of kitchen design and installation will offer you a wide range of elegant and functional kitchen handles for your bespoke kitchen.

Anthony Paulo is the company where you can receive lots of fascinating ideas and their perfect execution. We are specialists in providing modern properties with bespoke kitchens. We assure you about unique aesthetics and rational functionality.

Please contact us for more details.

Know Why Choosing The Right Furniture Is So Important

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Know Why Choosing The Right Furniture Is So Important

Everyone in Kent is aware of the fact that furniture is now an integral part of every interior designing project. Not only do you have to choose a style and design which matches your home decor but also ensure that it completes the look of your house. If you don’t have experience in choosing furniture for your room, get in touch with furniture makers. A majority of them have years of experience in the industry and know that the easiest way to boost the appeal of your dull rooms is with beautiful and functional furniture.

4 Reasons Why Furniture Is So Important

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  • Increase The Available Space

Want your small room to look precious, make sure you place the furniture wisely. Randomly setting the tables, chairs, beds and cabinets in your room is a strict no-no. Pay importance to the mobility of the furniture as they impact the overall attire of the room. You can easily integrate the right furniture with your home decor.

  • Enhance Your Comfort

The focus of every reputed furniture maker in and around Kent is on ensuring the comfort of the people using the furniture. Comfortable furniture will not only make your life easier but also render a touch of warmth to your room. Having a comfortable bed in your bedroom will promote a relaxing atmosphere. You can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

  • Purpose And Utility

One of the primary benefits of approaching furniture makers in Kent for bespoke furniture is you can invest in the right product. Though you can choose from a wide variety of furniture nowadays with a unique style and design, consider their purpose and utility before making a purchase. There’s no use placing a centre table in the lounge if you just want to use it to enjoy the evening coffee. Instead, pick up a coffee table which matches the decor of your room.

  • Divide The Space

The easiest way to divide the available space in your room is by placing the furniture as suggested by your interior designer. They even help in circulation and flow of space. Consider the arrangement of the furniture and the utility areas if you want to create a flow of space while defining the areas. There should be sufficient space for seating and standing.

Since furniture are so important in every room, it’s time you start looking for reputed furniture makers in your country with years of industry presence.