Bespoke Kitchen Designs – Latest Trends In Kitchen Design

Bespoke kitchen in Surrey

Bespoke Kitchen Designs - Latest Trends In Kitchen Design

Summary – From elegant cabinets to brushed paint finishes, the latest kitchen trends will improve your overall home aesthetics. Incorporate the latest trends like dark, dramatic décor, marble or wood surfaces, double islands, handless designs, and statement splashbacks to add interest to your kitchen space.

Introduce creative twists to your old cabinets or appliance designs to make them look more inviting. Incorporate the following trends into your bespoke kitchen in Surrey, to achieve an unmissable luxury –

Bespoke kitchen in Surrey
  1. Marble Surfaces 

The strongly veined marble design creates the scope for the next-level kitchen decor. Marble surfaces bring high-end luxury and sustainability to your kitchen.

  1. Sprayed Finishes

Brushed paint or sprayed surfaces are the latest addition to bespoke kitchen designs. You can create an eye-catching kitchen island or sink using sprayed finishes.

  1. Wood Finishes

The use of subtle-grained pale or ash tones can improve your kitchen aesthetics. Wood-based panels and solid wood kitchens made a comeback this year.

Stay On-Trend with Statement Surfaces and Splashbacks

From Corian worktops to ceiling splashbacks to waterfall islands, people are all about experimenting with the latest elements.

The shift towards dark surfaces created a trend for dual-toned kitchens. Black cabinets, work surfaces, or countertops blend with pastel or light walls to create an inviting and luxurious environment in the kitchen space.

Handless Designs for Modern Homes

Modern bespoke kitchens incorporate free-flowing and multi-tasking designs. Signature Plus designs are all about sleek designs and improved aesthetics. The technological advancements in kitchen designs started the trend of handless designs.

Push-open cupboards and doors can offer a streamlined and pared-back look. These designs put more focus on intricate cabinet designs with enhanced simplicity.

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