Ideas For Bespoke Kitchen Designs

Bespoke kitchen designs


  • Cabinets and Hardware

cabinets are the main feature in your kitchen as they occupy the majority of the space. Your eye is drawn to them when you enter the kitchen, so it is important to make them look great.  You can go for woodwork detailing on the cabinets. For hardware finishing ideas, you can choose brass hardware or stainless-steel hardware. A mix of unique ideas and thoughtful designs will make your kitchen cabinets gain an admiring glance each time someone walks into your kitchen space.

Bespoke kitchen designs
  • Lighting

Even though you can get lots of natural light from your kitchen windows , you still need to take good care of the lighting in the kitchen. If you have a narrow kitchen space, it is recommended that you go for lights hanging from the ceiling. You can choose round lights illuminating the kitchen top. There are pendant lights or linear chandeliers that you can check out to be installed in your kitchen. 

  • Extra Accessories

These small extra accessories can be one of the most beautiful finishing touches that you can add to your kitchen. The little details can make or break the entire look of the kitchen. You can choose crown modelling as the right option to finish your top wall cabinets. For bottom cabinets, you can choose light rail moulding. Base modelling can be the right choice for moulding underneath the cabinets. 

  • Colour Themes 

Colour themes are the new fashion trend for contemporary luxury kitchens, you can go neutral, or you can add a pop of colour in your kitchen. You can experiment with the colours of the accessories and furnishings like the kitchen towels or soft runner, the bar stools or the vibrant upholstery. This simple idea will add up a unique tone. Tiles bearing different colours or patterns can also set the right look and mood. 

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Maximizing Your Kitchen Space with the Latest Interior Design

Bespoke kitchen Surrey

Maximizing Your Kitchen Space with the Latest Interior Design

Your kitchen interior designs reflect your taste and lifestyle. So, getting a manageable yet exquisite kitchen would be a great option to have. Here is a brief overview of bespoke kitchen designs. Discover the perfect range of design ideas for a bespoke kitchen.


Maximize your kitchen space by adopting these kitchen interior design tips

Bespoke kitchen Surrey
  • Install a movable bar to your kitchen doorway to gain more counter space.

  • Use white interior design ideas to make your space look brighter and more prominent.

  • Create more storage by adding more cabinets in your kitchen.

  • Build large wall cabinets with open shelves to make your kitchen appear more spacious.

  • Use the kitchen walls by installing a metal rack right above your sink for utensils and tools.

  • Use the corner space by adding small and bright cabinets.
  • Break up your drawers into smaller compartments to create extra storage.
  • Float a peninsula countertop or island design to add a luxurious touch to your kitchen.

  • Add some hanging pots and greenery to your kitchen space.

  • Install striking light fixtures or pendant lights to brighten up space.

  • Install a floating table and mirrored backsplash to make it look more put together.

  • Use patterns on your floors or walls and add a bright kitchen rug.


The latest kitchen interior design ideas you should consider for a well-set kitchen and to manage it perfectly


From state-of-the-art cabinets to cool colours, the latest kitchen interior design trends will turn your home from drab to fab. New kitchen brands are offering state-of-the-art appliances and designs to change the look of your kitchen. 

  • If you want luxurious handmade bespoke kitchens, choose a marble-based one. Wood finishes are also getting more popular. You can go for subtle-grained ash or warm tones wood cabinets. 

  • If you want an inviting environment in your kitchen, then go for black textured woods. Black cabinets with accent walls will add a rustic and homely charm.  

  • Colour pops are the latest trend in interior kitchen designs. You can also go for a bright kitchen with a rich colour palette. Choose different colours for your windows, appliances, cabinets, and flooring. 

  • Utilise your kitchen space by creating double islands and add a hint of luxury. Alternatively, you can go for a sleek look by incorporating a handle-less design. 

  • Landers, walnut cabinetry, gold finishes, and curated kitchen designs are also trending. 

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